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Mario Chavez
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
available for commissions,
9"x12" grey markers $120
Rogue by MarioChavez
9"x12" colored markers $160
Pirate by MarioChavez
11"x14" grey markers $250
snow bunny by MarioChavez
11"x14" colored airbrush piece. start at $320.00
Stockings by MarioChavez
prices are for single characters and include shipping within the u.s
additional characters or elaborate backgrounds can add to the cost.

Commissions require a deposit in order for work to begin, please be sure that your ready for a commission as deposits are non refundable once work has begun.

painted pieces start at $600 for a single character . drawn on 15x20 inch illustration board. painted with acrylic paints
ruby painting by MarioChavez
price includes priority mail and insurance within the continental u.s.
paypal is the accepted form of payment for commissions. I urge my clients to please make sure their paypal shipping address is up to date.

Drawings are shipped with priority mail, insurance is also available upon request for an additional fee. international shipping is available, but can be considerably higher. Please make sure your paypal shipping address is updated because it's the one i use to ship the drawings out.

you can send me a note here or contact me at with any questions regarding commissions.
thank you
 I've been fortunate that this has only come up a few times, but it's important enough where i want to address it here, just maybe as added protection for myself. When you decide you would like to commission a drawing, you really need to make sure you're ready to do that, because the deposit is non refundable once work has begun. the reason being is that for the artist, that's time we are putting in to complete a job from someone, and not doing other work. the problem arises when weeks into a piece, the buyer decides he doesn't want it and takes the money back. that's like working any job, and at the end of the week your boss tells you he doesn't want to pay you. that's just a little shady.  

I've had this come up just a few times, and truth be told, i get a vibe when i think someone is going to be super picky about something and never be satisfied, usually i just follow my gut and pass, sometimes i don't.
Being picky can be ok because you should get what you pay for, but there's a difference between knowing what you want, and restraining someone so much, that it doesn't look like one of the artists works. they request redraw after redraw, and when they approve the sketch, they will call you on it if you change anything from the initial thumbnail. so when you relent and you draw the piece exactly as the thumbnail they approved.....they don't like it and demand a refund...o..m...g.... here's why it's frustrating. i have a vague idea of what i'm doing, and i think if your commissioning me for a piece, you kind of want it to look like one of my pieces right? so why restrain an artist so much where they have no creative input, and tell them it has to be drawn a certain way, and then get mad when they do that..ugh...

i've interacted with a few clients in my time. and the truth is, the people that buy my work have been extremely nice and understanding and just plain cool people. with very very few exceptions. if you're commissioning a piece from someone, have an idea of what you like, i like to ask the client what sort of pose  they're interested in, clothing, what setting, and of course what character. and i go from there. i offer a thumbnail for approval, sketch it full size, and once approved i finish it. or like the recent rogue piece i did, i just drew them full size and the client told me what changes he wanted, and was very happy with his piece. when you start telling the artist you want the finger in this position, and she has to show this part of her body while doing this and that, and the wrist should be at this angle, but one hair should be 5 mm above her right eye, while her left toe is bent 2mm...well chances are pretty good it's not going to look the way you want. artists have a slight grasp on how the human body moves. i say slight because we are always learning, and i don't think i'll ever understand it enough to ever say i'm a master of anatomy ( have you seen some of my pieces? eek)  so if i say to you that a pose isn't going to work because the body cant get into that position, you shouldn't be upset, just have a little trust in the artists and he or she will try and give you their best work possible. 
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All your new art is awesome , great job!!!
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